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A few days ago I released a photo project that had been working on for the last few months: A Love Letter to San Francisco, volume one. You can view the photos on Flickr. GOLDEN GATE STRUTS - Bright red struts on the underside of the Golden Gate, against a fog backdrop. I really love this city, and upon moving back I realized how much it mattered to me to make the most of my time here.

For the last 3 months, I’ve been working on VaccinateCA, a community-driven organization that discovers and publishes COVID-19 vaccination sites in California. There are many vaccine site and vaccine appointment aggregators, with different scopes and goals. has the most complete list of vaccination sites in California. There’s a lot I could say about contributing to VaccinateCA and the vaccine rollout, which I’ll hopefully cover one day when I have more time.

Recently, I noticed something odd in my kitchen. The “Hot Cooktop” light was on, and sure enough, one of the hotplates was warm. I was initially confused, having supposedly turned the stove off hours prior. The “Cooktop On” light was off, as I expected. Do you see what happened? The offending stove dial. Not pictured is the orange "Hot Cooktop" light. One dial was on, albeit at a very low setting.

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Introduction to the Kubernetes Network SIG.

Current and future work for the Kubernetes Usability SIG.

Ignite talk on eventual consistency and CRDTs.



Senior Site Reliability Engineer


Aug 2020 – Present Cupertino
Apple Cloud Infrastructure

CNCF Ambassador

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Jul 2019 – Present

Infrastructure Software Engineer


Feb 2019 – Jun 2020 San Francisco
Compute Platform team.

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Dec 2018 – Present



Feb 2016 – Jan 2019 Victoria
Systems administration, DevOps, and software development.